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Hope you find something that interests you...

Basically I needed to bring my site down a couple notches. 
Make it simple again... If it ever was so.
There was to much stuff.
Too many graphics...
Too many pages...
Too much for me to update in the short amount of time that I spend online now days.
For now I am going to focus on the one part of this page that I actually enjoyed.  The poetry.

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Updates: Most recent 3 updates are shown.
07/24/01 OK it's been a while.  In my defense I have had some stuff to deal with.  Nothing bad.  Just stuff.  A new job.  Another move - hense more packing and then unpacking... which included my computer... which meant I couldn't update or even work on any of the new stuff  I am trying to get ready to put on here.  So for your patience I have 3, count em' 3 new poems.  All of them are love/sex related... Where's that comin' from?!?!  Believe me folks, your guess is as good as mine.  But without further delay I present "Liquid", "Touch" and "Welcomed Thief"     Enjoy~
06/04/01 I found another old poem.  This one didn't even have a name, so I called it "Love".  I don't remember what I was doing, or where my head was when I wrote these poems last year... but I wouldn't mind visiting that world again.  The dark stuff that I have been writing lately is getting a little old. But I must be working through something, and my poems are like a journal for me, so I will always write what I am feeling... they never lie.  I am also working on a couple ideas for some other pages for this site.  Hopefully I'll have something really different up and working very soon.
05/25/01 It's been a little while.  I have loaded three more new poems... I wish I could say that they are in a different direction - but they are not.  I guess everyone goes through periods of deconstruction in their life.  I for some reason am placing my warped writings on the world wide web for anyone to read.  ???  Not like me at all really.  Anyway... I hope I will be writing pieces a little more uplifting again soon.  Patience is a virtue right?

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Female featured on "The Labyrinth" title image taken from the artwork of Luis Royo.  
Autumn Leaves collage coutsey of "Ursa".  ^_^

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